Citytrip Amsterdam

 This weekend, my boyfriend & I went to Amsterdam for the first time! We both celebrate our birthday on the 2nd of April so this was a good excuse for going on a trip together.

 We booked a hotel near the airport of Amsterdam; Park Plaza hotel. It was a very good hotel! Although it was close to the airport, we didn’t hear a thing of the planes! The room was cosy and just big enough for 2. The bar was also more than okay 🙂 . The hotel wasn’t close to the city, but that wasn’t a problem. We took the car and we drove 3 minutes. There was a tram to central station and so we came easily in the city.

 The city is very pretty! It’s nice with all the water & those typical houses of Amsterdam. For me, it was a little bit like paradise; SO MANY SHOPS! You can find many brands that you can’t find here in Belgium (like NYX, Sabon,.. ).

 Also the food there was really good! As breakfast; pancakes with Nutella!

 We also ate some taco’s in Taco Mundo and it was really goooood! And last but not least; KFC! You can’t go to holland without eating that 🙂

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