Inside the Happybluebox

 TADAAA! These are the products in the bluebox from this month!

  • 2 products for my face from NONIQUE; a washgel & a tonic for dry skin. The smell of these products is amazing! I used the washgel together with my cleansing brush from Clinique. This brush is the best way to clean your face! Even when I just took of all of my make-up, the brush always shows me that my face wasn’t clean! (The soap gets a dirty brown color). After just the washgel my face feels a bit dry.. But when I apply the tonic, it feels a lot better!
  • 2 products for my hands; a hand sanitizer from the brand “Bentley organic” ( no need for water or towels to wash your hands!) &.  a hand and nail cream from “Inecto”. The hand cream contains 100% coconut oil and is very good for dry hands (like mine 🙂 ). Also the smell of coconut is GREAT, not too much!
  • toothpaste (didn’t use this one already..) 

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