First NYX store in Belgium! 

The evening before the opening of this shop, Lotte & I decided that we couldn’t miss this! So we got up early (I mean VERY early, it felt like midnight to me! 😂). 

At 8 o’clock we were already in Ghent. We went immediatly to the store ofcourse. I expected that there were already waiting many people (at least 100). But when we arrived, there were only 20-25 girls waiting.. SO WE WERE VERY HAPPY ❤️  

We got this while waiting in the rain.. Do I need to say more? YUMMMM  SPARKLES ❤ 

WE GOT THE FREE LIP POUCH!! YEAAYYY ! The store is really awesome and big enough! I expected that it would be smaller, but it’s good the way it is!  

It really felt like heaven when we walked in… ALL the different products that I was looking for, where actually there! (at Douglas in the Netherlands, I couldn’t find where I was looking for. Neigther at Estetika this year..) 


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