I was sooo happy when I received this one! I’ve seen it many times on Facebook & Instagram so I really wanted to try this one out. (because normally my skin is snowwhite and I was sick of it!)

Before this, I used a tanning lotion of Clarins. That tanning lotion gave me a natural sunkissed color but not so fast & easy as I wanted.. It’s hard to apply that one without streaks!

Now, back to the minetan! I choose for the tan “caramel”. This one is a foam, not a lotion. I also got the application mitt to apply the foam. I must say I was impressed! The foam immediatly gives a brown kind of color, so you can easily see where you putted on the foam ( & where you forgot a little piece of skin ๐Ÿ™ˆ ) .

What I also love about this, is that YOU can choose how dark you want to be! You can wash it off already after 1 hour for a light tan or after 3 hours for a darker tan! Oohh and it also doesn’t smell bad like the other tanning products of other brands ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

When you think your tan is good, take a short shower (BUT DON’T USE SOAP!) Take your towel & pat (don’t rub!) your body dry. 

ET VOILA! Good to go! For maintaining your tan, always use a bodylotion. ( to keep your skin hydrated)  

I ADORE THIS PRODUCT! It gives me an instant sunkissed tan & is sooo easy to apply! 

This was my result after 3 hours! 

You can order them on the following link: 


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