I’m soooo happy with my new necklace from Names4ever that I had to share it with you!


What can you order on Names4ever?

Custom name necklaces.

More about this below, because I chose one of these!

You can order the necklaces in:

  • silver
  • gold
  • Carrie
  • gold plated
  • children
  • curved & straight bar

Family & relationship.

Here you can order beautiful necklaces like:

  • a tree with the names of your mom, dad, sisters and/or brothers
  • a mother & child necklace
  • a bestfriend necklace so you and your bestfriend both have a piece

Infinity jewelry.

Here you can choose between:

  • infinity necklaces
  • infinity bracelets
  • infinity pendants

Engraving plates.

Why choosing for engraving plates?

This one you can personalize a bit more than the rest. You can choose between the size and the form (small or big heart/rectangle), your name or your loved one’s name and you can also add a symbol to it (like hands, stars, feet,..)!


This one is also very nice. You can choose between forms, you can add names and little hearts etc.. You can also pick something with your zodiac sign!


For bracelets they have 2 categories:

  • Bracelet with your name
  • Bracelet with charms

Design your own jewelry.

Something unique you can make here!

  • Jewelry with text
  • Jewelry with fingerprint
  • Jewelry with a picture of someone


Here you can’t choose much: only the name you want to put on it. 😄

Monogram necklaces.

Here you need to decide if you just want 1 letter or your initials. In the edge of it you can also put even until 6 names if you like to! Maybe a nice gift for your grandma? So she has always here grandchildren with her.


The categories here, are:

  • zirkonia
  • silver
  • zodiac sign
  • sports


The rings you can get in:

  • steel
  • silver
  • frienshiprings

So which one did I chose?

It was a bit hard to decide which one to choose, because there are so many pretty things on the webshop! It also gave me a lot of inspiration for upcoming gifts!

But since I love to wear necklaces and that I can wear something different, I decided to pick a necklace! But then.. which one?  Lately I’m in a golden kind of mood so gold plated it was!

When you want a golden necklace but you don’t have the budget to buy like a real golden necklace, these ones are perfect! They are made of 925 sterling silver and are coated with gold. The golden coat exists of 14k gold.

I just love it so much! The font is so elegant and the necklace is so pretty and also of very good quality! You can wear this one on everything and that’s what I like so much about it!

The one I’ve ordered is the gold plated in model Claudia, product number: VNK18

The box in which the necklace is, is also very pretty!


I got mine after 5 working days, what’s pretty fast I think for making the necklace and sending it!

Definitely ordering again on this webshop!

Wear your name with proud & be proud of who you are! 💕

Order your custom name necklace from Names4ever on:



Yasmine ❤️


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