Rituals – The ritual of Hammam.

Need some time for yourself? Something to relax & de-stress? Then you need to try this line from Rituals! 

“The Hammam is one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. Experience the warmth of your own personal wellness ceremony.” ~Rituals

The smell of it makes me feel like I’m in a spa! 

So how to do this routine? 

Step 1: ultra hydrating black soap

This soap feels thicker than normal soap and it also doesn’t foam. 

You don’t need to rinse this off for step 2!

Step 2: sea salt hot scrub

Scrub your whole body and make all the dead skin disappear! 

After the scrub, you can rinse this off.

Step 3: purifying body mud

Apply a thin layer and wait for 2 minutes.

Afterwards also rinse this off!

Step 4: refreshing foaming shower gel

To make sure that all the mud is gone, just wash yourself with this amaaazing foam. I just love the structure of this shower gel! 

Step 5: soul uplifting body cream

After the shower, put on this body cream. I had the cream already before but that one was with a pump system. This cream feels thicker & moisturizes a bit more!

My skin never felt sooo great! I feel as good as new after this treatment. ☺️

Did you use already any of these products?


Yasmine ❤️

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