Glamglow masks.

FINALLY the Glamglow masks are available in our country, at Ici Paris XL. I tried 3 of them; the blue one, the white one and the purple one.


Thirstymud hydrating treatment.


This is a very hydrating mask. It’s suitable for all skintypes and you get fast results! This one is nice for my dry cheeks.

Gravitymud firming treatment.


This mask has a nice silver/chrome color and it’s a peel-off mask! This one firms the skin and gives you an instant glow! It’s perfect when you need to go somewhere and you need that extra sparkle! It is also suitable for every skintype.

Supermud clearing treatment.


This mask is very good for the common skin concerns (like: redness, blemishes,…). This is a good one for the normal, oily & combination skin.

The best for me?

I like the white one the most! I love how it cleans my skin and my pores on my nose are almost gone after using this mask! Also my redness is gone and that’s what I love about this product. It hydrates & cleans my skin at the same time & it gives my face a healthy look!

The blue one is good for hydrating and also the purple one is nice because it’s a peel-off, but I notice more improvements after I used the white one!

Here I applied the purple one!


Did you try already one of the masks? Leave a comment below!


Yasmine ❤️

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