Something new is on the market and I got the chance to test it out!

smoovall doos

Smoovall, what is it?

Smoovall is a skin contact spray that protects you for abrasion.

Like when walking around whole day and mostly when it’s hot outside, your legs rub against each other and that starts to hurt and looks a bit red. That’s a problem I got and why I was so happy to test this product out!

Ofcourse you can use this spray on other body parts! Wherever your skin rubs against clothes or something, you can use it!

How does it work?

  1. Shake the spray
  2. Spray on the skin (where you need it)
  3. Wait for 20-30 seconds
  4. Go out!

Yes, really! It’s as easy as that!


Does it really work?

I tried it between the legs like I said before. I used it when I went shopping so that means a whole day of walking. Normally when I have to walk a lot and it’s hot outside, I sometimes used shorts underneath my skirt or dress.

But with this spray, I don’t need the shorts anymore! It really works! It feels so smooth on the skin and it also has a fresh scent!

This spray NEEDS to be in my handbag from now on!

Order yours now on Smoovall !



Yasmine ❤️

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