The new Nintendo 2DS XL!

Couldn’t be more happier than receiving this package from Nintendo!


The console.

I had already the 3DS XL, but actually…  I don’t use the 3DS function on it. So this one is just perfect for me!

Also the design from the new 2DS XL is also prettier and more defined. It is also not as heavy as the 3DS XL!

The screen below has also a NFC-sensor so you can use your amiibo easily. And ofcourse you can play all the 3DS games on it!

The colours are also very nice! This one is white with a touch of yellow. The other one is black with a touch of blue.



What about the game Miitopia?

Always excited to try out new games.

First in this game, you can create your own character. When you’re happy with how you look, you can start!

The main goal of the game is to fight all the bad demons & shadows so you get the faces back of the citizens from your village.

You start all alone, but on the way you discover more people and they join your group! (What is really necessary to fight all those monsters!)

I think this game looks a lot like a combination of several games. Mostly it made me think of Pokémon.

At first I didn’t think this was a great game for me, but after playing a while… YES! I love this game! You really have to act like a group & fight against the bad! But not always, you can also chill a bit in the hostel and take care of your group members. You even have to give them food and you can buy new clothes for them!


What about you? Do you also have the new Nintendo 2DS XL? What about your favorite games on the 2DS/3DS? Leave a comment below!


Yasmine ❤️

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